Zhong Guo Feng

1 Liang Seah Street, #01-15/16, Singapore 189022



Open: 1200-0100 hrs daily; Delivery hours: 1200-2200 hrs daily

Delivery fee: S$30.00

Zhong Guo Feng 中国风 features tasteful Sze Chuan treats from 2 brands: Fat Bird and Chong Qing Grilled Fish. They each have their base of loyal fans for good reason.

Chong Qing Chicken Pot is a much acclaimed revolutionary cuisine combining the fun of eating Chong Qing Hot Pot and the exquisite cooking methods of Spicy Dry Wok. A dish with a vibrant, deep orange colour, and a texture that is sort of oily without being indigestible, it leaves one wanting for more.

Other must-try dishes include Chong Qing Grilled Fish, 麻婆豆腐 (Spicy and Numbing Beancurd), 宫爆鸡丁 (Kung Po Chicken) and many more! The wide variety of dishes available in bento sets means that you can have Chinese food everyday and never be bored. Order in today!

重庆鸡公煲 色泽红润,口味香醇,是一道丰餐美食,吃后令人留有一种难以忘怀的味觉享受。它采用干锅炒菜加工精良配方独特的优点,结合了传统火锅长盛不衰的理念,优质的选料,精良的加工和独特的配方,从而具有香味浓郁,鲜嫩适口,百吃不厌,百吃不腻,是美食市场的新亮点。

Drinks Promotion! (Limited to 1 can/packet for any 1 bento set ordered)


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