Looking for an avenue to expand your business while keeping costs low? Partner with us to provide your treasured customers with your very own food delivery service. This extends the reach of your brand into the multi-million dollar food delivery industry while allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies and not be distracted by a myriad of operational and human resource issues linked to delivery services. Get a piece of the pie without incurring additional overheads!

Afiko Delivery Pte Ltd is determined to be the premium one-stop in Singapore. We have the passion and expertise to provide your food establishment. Our high-quality, fitted with electrical heating elements to keep your food piping hot on the road, while allowing steam to escape via eyelets to prevent fried food from turning soggy. We will assure your customers of this by using  that display “It’s HOT”, showing that the food has been kept at a temperature greater than 70C. Also, do not risk getting into trouble with the authorities by engaging third parties who do not have food delivery licenses. We are NEA-licensed* and fully equipped to handle all your catering or delivery needs! Simply out-source this part of your business to us and enjoy the returns.

Differentiate Yourself                                    Expand your business

Furthermore, our superior marketing strategies will inevitably create buzz and could be an effective differentiating factor for your products. Do not be surprised to find growth even in your core business as you join hands with us!

Other services we provide include:

- Adhoc food delivery and catering jobs,

- Daily meals delivery,

- Raw materials delivery,

- Supplier-to-retailer delivery

This will be a mutually beneficial partnership where the bigger we grow, the more you will benefit. Your business is our business.

Contact us NOW to truly understand the value we can add to your company!


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