About us

"Afiko" comes from the word "afikoman" which is derived from the Greek word for "dessert", the last thing eaten at a meal.

In celebration of the Jewish Passover festival, the leader of the ritual will take a cracker-like flatbread and break it into two pieces. The smaller piece will be consumed during the meal while the larger piece, called the afikoman, is wrapped in a napkin and hidden. The children would then search for it and upon finding it, would receive presents in exchange for it.

Therefore, like Afiko delivery, everyone who discovers the afikoman has found something precious and worth cherishing. Also, in this yearly rite, it is forbidden to eat any other food after eating the afikoman. Hence, after one has tasted the services provided by Afiko delivery, he/she will not want any other.

Afiko Pte Ltd is your full food delivery solution and we are passionate about providing first-class service.

That is not the only reason why we are the premium food delivery service. It is also because we understand and fully empathise with the hectic lifestyle of people living and working in Singapore. As such, we are committed to bringing you the best food in Singapore at the most crucial seasons of your life. We are there for you.

Whether you are a busy executive looking for a meal while rushing on a project or the owner of a food establishment looking to expand your business, we can be your valued lifelong partner.

Your food will receive as luxurious a service as you would, in our quality thermal delivery bags made in the US. These contain heating elements that will keep your food at the optimum temperature of 75C and even allow fried food to breathe so that it does not lose its crispiness for at least 1 hour. To assure you of that, we have heat-sensitive stickers in place, which, when the ambient temperature is more than 70C, will display the words: It’s HOT. Upon delivery, simply unpack your piping hot food and dig in as if it were prepared there and then.


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